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"Dearborn Sign  provides the market with the best services based on international standard and high quality specifications at competitive prices in the field of Indoor & Outdoor signage industries in which to facilitate reliable sign Systems and Digital Printing."


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Our Concept

We are committed to provide our Clients with the highest level of Service and Quality at the most Competitive Prices.

Our Vision

The Purpose of Establishing Dearborn Sign as a signage company with International Standards and high Quality Specifications at Competitive Prices in the field of Indoor& Outdoor advertising is to facilitate reliable services for signage and digital printing industry

Mission Statement

We are committed to excellent customer service and to conduct our Business with the Highest Integrity.

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Dearborn Sign


We Love What We Do

We get excited about challenging design concepts & we assist contractors in bringing the client’s advertising dreams into fruition with clear time frames and known costs.

8700 Brandt St.

Dearborn, MI 48126

Tel:  313.584.8828

Fax: 313.584.8838

Phone : 313.220.1515


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